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Rec Room Romp

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Worldwide Headquarters of the Rec Room Romp

Rompers Unite!

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Welcome to the world headquarters of the Rec Room Romp, an annual event where 16 men compete in double-elimination ping pong, pool, and bowling. Winners of the RecRoomRomp receive the Moorad Cup, while the 16th finisher gets The Jacket - a hideous garment that is modded every year by its recipients.

This year marks the 15th annual RecRoomRomp, can you believe it? Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, January 31, 2009
Location: Jillian's for ping pong, we'll move to The Garage for pool and bowling
Time: High Noon
City: The pro-basketball-free city of Seattle, WA

Get your game on for the 15th annual RRR!

Last Updated on Sunday, 25 January 2009 10:19

The Moorad Cup

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The Moorad CupThe Moorad Cup. Chalice to the Gods! Vessel of glory and infamy! This trophy was named after Romp founder Joe Moorad, and is awarded to the winner of the Rec Room Romp. For years competitors have labored to win it all - talking trash during ping pong, arguing questionable rulings in pool, and weathering "gutter ball!" jeers in bowling. Like many professional sports leagues, the Romp has had its share of dynasties - SeanO and BobV have dominated our sport. Few have broken through to Romp champion status, and many have suffered heart-breaking loss in pursuit of the Moorad Cup. So close, but yet so far away. Join with me in celebrating the Romp Hall of Champions:

  • 1995 David Staczek
  • 1996 Sean OBrien
  • 1997 Sean OBrien
  • 1998 Sean OBrien
  • 1999 Pete Ostenson
  • 2000 Sean OBrien
  • 2001 Paul Yunker
  • 2002 Sean OBrien
  • 2003 Bob VanNortwick
  • 2004 Bob VanNortwick
  • 2005 Bob VanNortwick
  • 2006 Sean OBrien
  • 2007 Scott Forster
  • 2008 Bob VanNortwick
Last Updated on Monday, 26 January 2009 21:09

The Jacket

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It The Jacketwas born in a thrift store, plain and functional. But Commissioner Joe had bigger plans for this "sport jacket" - it would adorn the shoulders of the final place finisher of the Rec Room Romp. At first it was just a funny, dirty thing to wear at the after party. Later it would become a piece of art. ChrisT was the first Romper to modify its holy exterior in 2002. Since then every jacket winner has put his mark on the garment. Matter of fact, ScottR made many mods over the years! Some might say that he pursues the jacket, like Gollum pursues the ring... Regardless, we are proud to honor the following 16th Rompers:

  • 1999 - Phil Hofstrand
  • 2000 - Scott Raedeke & Joe Moorad (tie)
  • 2001 - Scott Fuller
  • 2002 - Chris Tobey
  • 2003 - Scott Raedeke
  • 2004 - Jeff Bailey
  • 2005 - Steven Kosak
  • 2006 - Scott Raedeke
  • 2007 - James Loughlin
  • 2008 - Scott Fuller & Mark Conley (tie)
Last Updated on Monday, 26 January 2009 20:50


Who will win the Moorad Cup at the 15th annual RecRoomRomp?

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